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Stihl MH 585.0 Tiller

Stihl MH 585.0 Tiller

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The STIHL tiller MH 585 is a versatile multi-purpose machine ideal for medium-sized plots of land and larger garden patches. The engine is powerful enough to turn over firm ground efficiently. This tiller is perfect for creating new gardens and flower beds as well as preparing seed beds for vegetable crops. In order to tend crops positioned more closely together with greater efficiency and care, you can divide the hoe set on the MH 585. This reduces the working width to 60 cm. Equipment features such as the integrated anti-vibration system, central handlebar adjustment feature for adapting the machine to your body height and reverse gear make working much easier. The equipment allows the tiller to effortlessly manoeuvre, change direction or navigate around obstacles. The low centre of gravity also contributes to effortless handling of the machine. The machine features folding wheels and an adjustable handlebar that allow effortless and space-saving storage of the tiller.

High-powered all-purpose petrol tiller with reverse gear

For medium-sized areas and larger flower beds

Efficient tilling of even hard ground

Detachable hoe set to reduce the working width

With adjustable bar for hassle-free transport and storage

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Working width 85 cm
Uncertainty factor K 2.5 m/s2
Vibration value (AHW) 5 m/s2
Guaranteed sound power level 93 dB(A)
tank capacity 1.4 l
Hoe set diameter 32 cm
Uncertainty factor 2 dB(A)
Working width 85 cm
Drive 1V + 1R
Working speed 2.3 kW / 3.2 PS rpm
Weight 44 kg
Engine type Series XT675 OHV SC
displacement 149 cm³

Standard features

  • Cleaning positionZoom
    Cleaning position
    In the cleaning position, the blades on the STIHL tiller are easy to clean, assemble and disassemble.
  • Simple throttle actuationZoom
    Simple throttle actuation
    The STIHL tiller can be steered using both handles. The throttle is within reach of the handles and so the speed controller on the handlebar can be operated with the thumb while steering. As a result, the power of the tiller can be controlled precisely when tilling.
  • Anti-vibration system
Anti-vibration systemZoom
    Anti-vibration system
Anti-vibration system
    The anti-vibration system is integrated in the handlebar mount on the STIHL tiller. It reduces the vibrations at the handlebar, which also reduces the effort required to operate the machine for extended periods.
  • BladesZoom
    The blades on the STIHL tiller have a special shape that turns the soil over extremely efficiently with an optimised burrowing action.
  • Dividable hoe setZoom
    Dividable hoe set
    The dividable hoe set accompanying this STIHL tiller allows the variable adjustment of the working width. As a result, crops can be planted in rows close to one another. The lateral discs protect existing plants from sustaining damage during tilling.
  • Swivelling brake spurZoom
    Swivelling brake spur
    The brake spur can be used to adjust the blade entry depth. The 180° swivelling spur makes it easier to work with the STIHL tiller in narrow passages and bends. It is also easily accessible, can be set to 3 different heights and is captive.
  • Transport wheelsZoom
    Transport wheels
    This STIHL tiller is fitted with a wheel axle at the rear for smooth transportation. The pair of wheels can be folded up during operation.
  • Powerful OHV engineZoom
    Powerful OHV engine
    This STIHL tiller is powered by a Briggs&Stratton engine that incorporates state-of-the-art OHV technology. Overhead valves ensure that the petrol/air mixture burns especially cleanly and efficiently. Characterised by a high degree of stability, the engine type is ideal for high-performance tilling work. It was designed as a drive motor with a horizontal shaft.
  • Adjustable handlebarZoom
    Adjustable handlebar
    The handlebar on the STIHL tiller can be adjusted laterally and longitudinally without using tools. The handlebar on the tiller can be folded over to allow simple transportation and space-saving storage.
The version(s) available in each country may differ from the above range and specifications; specific details may be subject to change without notice. Please ask your local STIHL Approved Dealer for further information.

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