WEEE compliance at Douglas Forest and Garden

Why does WEEE regulation exist?


Some of our equipment are categorised as Electrical and Electronic Equipment (‘EEE’). When these items reach their end of life they are defined as WEEE because they’re made up of components some of which may contain hazardous materials.

If not managed properly these materials can cause serious environmental damage and be dangerous to human health. In addition, modern electronic components contain rare and expensive resources, which can be recycled and re-used if the waste is effectively managed. That’s why there are systems in the European Union to help recycle these products.

For garden equipment powered by batteries, the batteries can contain heavy metals (such as mercury, cadmium, lead) and these are a cause for environmental concern. If waste batteries are not disposed of correctly, heavy metals may leak when the battery corrodes, and could contribute to soil and water pollution and endanger human health.

The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive 2002/95/EC (‘RoHS’) aims to prevent the risks to human health and the environment by restricting the use of certain hazardous substances in EEE that can be substituted by safer alternatives. These restricted substances include heavy metals, flame retardants and plasticizers.


What steps do we take to ensure compliance?


Douglas Forest and Garden takes back WEEE free of charge on a one for one, like for like basis. If you have an older item that you wish to dispose of when you order a new replacement item from us (must be the same type of item), please advise us by sending an email to info@dfg.ie with details of the old item, and we will collect it from you free of charge when we deliver the new item. Alternatively, you can bring the item to our stores in Ballycureen , Frankfield, Cork

Where required our prices include contributions to a producer recycling fund to ensure that WEEE is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.



Douglas Forest and Garden is registered with Producer Register Limited (Unit 47, Block 5, Northwood Court, Santry, Dublin 9) under the Producer Registration Number: 1079WB.

DFG takes back WEEE free of charge on a one for one, like for like basis – see above.

Please note: You are not obliged to make any purchase when returning old batteries. Unfortunately, we do not accept back any Industrial or car batteries.

Each local authority must accept household WEEE and small batteries free of charge at its recycling facilities. All WEEE and waste batteries should be recycled and not placed in household wheelie bins.

In Ireland you can use WEEE Ireland’s free service to find the location of your nearest WEEE collection point. You can recycle your waste batteries at your local shop, grocery retailer or local recycling centre, free of charge.

WEEE Recycling Ireland

WEEE and waste batteries can also be returned to your local civic amenity site free of charge. The following link will show you how to find the civic amenity site closest to you where you can recycle your WEEE, batteries and light bulbs:


*Never put WEEE, batteries or light bulbs in any of your bins