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Stihl RMA 765 V 25" Lawnmower, Body Only

Stihl RMA 765 V 25" Lawnmower, Body Only

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The RMA 765 V is the ultimate cordless lawn mower for professional grounds maintenance and lawn care. Part of the STIHL AP System, operating the machine is quiet and sustainable, meaning you don’t have to worry about refuelling the machine mid-operation. The lithium-ion batteries provide the brushless electric motor with the right amount of energy required to power the powerful 2-blade mower and the synchronised blades. With a cutting width of 63 cm, the RMA 765 V delivers precise, fine cutting – no matter the terrain you are tackling.

The lawn mower is also fitted with an eco mode, which allows the mower to work even more efficiently by automatically adjusting the speed of the motor based on the currently required power. Before mowing, you can choose to collect the grass clippings in the 80-litre grass catcher box or simply eject the cut grass via the rear discharge system back on to the turf you are cutting. You can also retrofit the mower with a mulching kit accessory, where the fine grass particles will be evenly mulched back onto the turf in the form of a nutrient-rich mulch.

Thanks to the electric vario self-propulsion, you can adjust the speed of the mower to suit your needs. The lawn mower is made of both high-quality and durable materials. The hybrid housing consists of a robust aluminium outer shell and an inside wall made of impact-resistant polymer.

The cordless mower can be quickly adjusted thanks to the option to adjust the cutting height from 25 to 100 mm at each wheel and the foldable and height-adjustable mono-comfort handlebar. Features such as the cushioned super soft grip on the handlebar and the swivelling front wheels allows the mower to be manoeuvred with ease. You can also easily transport, store or clean the mower thanks to its foldable handlebar.

Using the lawn mower on speed setting 3 (3.5 km/h), you will have a battery range (in m²) of up to:

  • AR 2000 L = 2050 m² / 54 mins
  • AR 3000 L = 3100 m² / 80 mins
  • 2x AP 300 S housed in ADA 700 = 800 m² / 22 mins
  • Individual tool without battery and without charger
  • Powerful cordless lawn mower with 63 cm cutting width
  • For professionals in garden and landscape maintenance
  • Collection, rear discharge, or mulching options
  • Long battery runtime and short charging time
  • Enjoy the convenience of an 80-litre grass collection box with fill-level display
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Cutting width 63 cm
Cutting height 25-100 mm
Grass catcher box capacity 80 l
Product weight 44 kg
Guaranteed sound power level LWAd 93 dB(A)
Measured workplace LpA 84 dB(A)
Vibration value ahw 1.4 m/s2
Speed 0-5.5 km/h
Device width 69 cm
Cutting height adjustment 8-fach (pro Rad)
Cordless technology AP System
Device height 123 cm
Grass catcher box volume 80 l
Drive Vario
Housing material Aluminium
Machine length 165 cm
Rated speed tool 3300 r/min

Standard features

  • Flow-optimised bladeZoom
    Flow-optimised blade
    A pair of flow-optimised blades that will cut grass with minimal resistance. As a result, they are energy efficient and able to cut large areas of grass for a longer period of time.
  • Self-propelledZoom
    Self-propulsion automatically provides the desired forward momentum when using a cordless lawn mower. This makes working easier, especially when dealing with large lawns and inclines. Many of the STIHL battery-powered lawn mower models are equipped with self-propulsion.
  • Height-adjustable mono-comfort handlebarZoom
    Height-adjustable mono-comfort handlebar
    The mono-comfort handlebar can be adjusted to the required body height without the use of tools for comfortable and ergonomic mowing. The handlebar can be folded for easier transport of the battery-powered lawn mower. The grass catcher box is mounted on one side for ease of access and removal.
  • Fabric grass catcher bag Zoom
    Fabric grass catcher bag
    With its 80-litre capacity, the robust fabric grass catcher bag is suited for mowing large lawns. It can be comfortably folded together and is equipped with anti-dust protection.
  • Front wheel height adjustmentZoom
    Front wheel height adjustment
    The front wheels of the mower can be adjusted with ease thanks to the 8 stage height adjuster. It can be set to a number of levels between 25 –100 mm so you can get the cut length you desire.
  • Swivelling front wheelsZoom
    Swivelling front wheels
    A pair of swivelling front wheels makes it easy to manoeuvre the machine and mow around bushes and trees.

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