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Stihl AP 500 S Li ion Battery

Stihl AP 500 S Li ion Battery

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High capacity 36 V, 8.8 Ah Lithium-Ion battery. The AP 500 S is the most powerful AP battery from STIHL. Featuring power laminate technology which means it has double the number of charging cycles of a typical STIHL AP system battery with cylindrical cells. With approximately 253 charging cycles per year (253 working days, excluding weekends and bank holidays in UK) the battery will last close to 10 years without the typical capacity loss of the battery cells.

The AP 500 S has an integrated Bluetooth® interface for STIHL connected, so just like our AR L backpack batteries, it can be linked to the STIHL connected system 5 and managed like a power tool. This allows you to see the charge status via the STIHL connected App and monitor its daily usage. The battery has an integrated LED charge indicator, clearly displaying as and when the battery needs charging too.

Compatible with the AL 101, AL 301, AL 301-4 and AL 500 charger unit. Click on the technical data tab of individual products to learn more about machine run times.

337 Wh battery power, weight 2.0 kg

Powerful and durable lithium-ion battery

Increased number of charging cycles thanks to Power Laminate technology

Compatible with all tools in the STIHL AP System

4 practical LEDs for indicating charging status and power content

IPX4 rated for working in all weather

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Rated voltage 36 V
Battery weight 2 kg
Capacity 337 Wh 1)
Capacity 8.8 Ah
Nominal cell capacity (according to manufacturer) 9.36 A·h
Battery cell technology Lithium Ion
Charge voltage 41.9 V
Temperature range 5-40 °C
Discharge temperature range -10-50 °C


    • AL 301 Quick chargerZoom
      AL 301 Quick charger
        230 V quick charger for STIHL AK System and AP System batteries. This charger has a 6.5 A charging current for fast recharge times and a built-in fan for active battery cooling. The AL 301 automatically switches off when the battery is fully charged to prevent overcharging too. Two-stage charging means the battery is first charged at a constant current up to a predetermined voltage limit. Then, the charger switches over to charging at a constant voltage before the current reduces itself automatically until charging is complete. A built in cable tie with Velcro strap on the back means you can wind the cable to the charger to reduce its length. Plus, this charger can be wall mounted for space saving storage. AK System charge times:
      • AK 10 battery in 45 minutes
      • AK 20 battery in 55 minutes
      • AK 30 battery in 60 minutes
      AP System charge times:
      • AP 100 battery in 45 minutes
      • AP 200 battery in 55 minutes
      • AP 300 battery in 60 minutes
      • AP 300 S battery in 70 minutes
      • AP 500 S battery in 90 minutes
      • AR 2000 L backpack battery in 150 minutes
      • AR 3000 L backpack battery in 220 minutes

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