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GTM Elephant Trunk Harness 2

GTM Elephant Trunk Harness 2

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The ergonomic harness that makes your work easier
Power and autonomy are the biggest advantages of petrol-engined or battery-powered hedge trimmers. But with such a heavy hedge trimmer your muscles and joints are feeling the strain really soon.
The Elephants Trunk (ET) Harness changed all that – and now GTM Professional releases the new and improved ET2!

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No pain, all gain
The comfortable harness with adjustable shoulder straps is worn like a backpack. You connect your hedge trimmer (or any other handheld garden machine > 4.5 kg) onto the steel cable of the balancer, that transfers the weight of the machine to the harness. The cable moves smoothly along the ball bearings in the adjustable tube. With the ET2 you will be able to trim hedges all day long. Furthermore, because you can work with less effort you will work faster, more accurate and in greater safety: "no pain, all gain".

Quality at the highest level
The new high-quality balancer, mounted at the lower back, ensures long-lasting of the steel cable and spring. The spring tension of the balancer can be adjusted from 20 N to 30 N, depending on the weight of the tool. The harness is more balanced and your view is not blocked by the balancer. The nylon ball bearings ensure optimal guidance of the steel cable in any direction, even when trimming tall hedges. The anodized aluminium tube can be swivelled 15° to the left and right so while bending forward during trimming the tube does not get caught in the hedge.

The Elephants Trunk Harness 2 turns hedge trimming from a chore into a pleasure!

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