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Ego TR3801E-B 38" Ride-On Mower

Ego TR3801E-B 38" Ride-On Mower

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SUPPLIED COMPLETE AS: TR3801E-B: Includes ride-on mower, 2x blades, mulching plug and 1600W charger. The EGO Collection Tractor benefits from efficient grass collection into a large rear 300 litre collection box to maximise cutting times. This 98cm ride-on collection tractor benefits from efficient grass collection into a large rear 300 litre collection box to maximise cutting times. EGO’s ride-on mowers deliver the equivalent power of a 22-horsepower petrol engine, with less noise and none
of the emissions.

The development of EGO’s new ride-on mowers range is a testament to the ground-breaking success of the EGO Z6 ride-on
mower. The world’s first battery-platform compatible zero-turn ride-on mower proved that the combined power of EGO’s
revolutionary ARC Lithium™ batteries could more than match petrol-powered equivalents. Also utilising up to six EGO ARC Lithium™ portable batteries, EGO’s new Ride-on Tractor Mowers are set to equal the success of the EGO Z6 series. Allowing you to not only match the amount of energy you need for your mowing needs but also, to use the same batteries with other EGO tools.

You can tailor the combination of batteries to suit the size of your lawn and grass cutting preferences, while fully customisable
digital controls give you the flexibility to match set-up and performance to the job in hand, cutting up to 2.5 Acres on a single charge*.

*Run time may vary based on the batteries used, charge level of batteries, condition of grass and user’s operation technique.

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Voltage (V) 56 V
Battery Port Multi Port
Control Steering Wheel
Cutting Options Bagging
Number Of Blade 2
Deck Construction Stamped
Cut Height Number 12
Seat Suspension No
Drive Mode Selection Yes
Drive Speed Selection Yes
Blade Speed Selection Yes
IP Class IPX4
Forward Speed (km/h) up to 9.6
Reverse Speed (km/h) up to 4.8
Frame (cm) 5
Cut Height (cm) 2.5-10
Front Wheel Size (cm) 38
Rear Wheel Size (cm) 45.7
Seat (cm) 38
Tool Length (mm) 2580
Tool Width (mm) 1040
Tool Height (mm) 1110

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