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Clearwater Clarifier (1L)

Clearwater Clarifier (1L)

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  • Helps make your pool or hot tub water clear again
  • Binds small particles together to enable filtering
  • Great for getting rid of dead algae & grime
  • Add water clarifier directly into the pool or hot tub
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About Clarifier (1L)

ClearWater Clarifier is an extremely effective way to prevent pool or hot tub water from looking dull and cloudy due to dead algae, skin cells and other dirt and grime that’s too small to be trapped by a filter system. The water clarifier contains flocculants ‑ chemicals that bind small particles of dirt together so that the filter system can successfully trap them. These tiny particles of dirt can make pool water look cloudy and uninviting. Over time they can also transform a hot tub or pool into an unhygienic environment.

If your above‑ground pool or hot tub has been treated for algae using ClearWater Algaecide you’ll need to wait 24h and use the water clarifier to help clear away left‑over residue.

How do I use the Clearwater® Clarifier in my pool or hot tub?

‑ Measure the quantity of Clarifier you need
‑ Gradually pour directly in the water near the inlets
‑ Leave the filter system on until water is clear again

As with all chemical products, instructions should be carefully followed and precautions taken.

Product Weight (Kg) 1.10

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