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ART Spiderjack 2.1 Dyneema

ART Spiderjack 2.1 Dyneema

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The SpiderJack 2.1 is a multi-functional, self-blocking rope securing device for the running double rope. With the respective amount of practice, the SpiderJack enables unique movement sequences and thus makes climbing in trees not only more dynamic but also more efficient with less effort.

SpiderJack 2.1 Dyneema features:
• patented
• certified according to EN 358
• multifunctional ascend and repelling device for the running double rope
• use with textile ropes according to EN 1891, Ø 11–13 mm
• body and parts made of aluminum machined in the solid
• service life: 5 years
• tested with: 15 kN/3 Min.
• breaking strength: 25 kN
• weight: ca. 280 g

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  • For use with ropes in accordance with EN 1891 from 11-13 mm.
    With the SpiderJack, unlike with the LockJack, there is no need to change the rope grab for ropes from 11 to 13 mm diameter.
  • Ready for use with a single carabiner.
    Only one carabiner is needed to fasten the SpiderJack to the harness and anchor the upright rope eye. The entire system is, thus, very compact and the overlap is particularly effective.
  • Extremely smooth rope running even with loads.
    Once the running rope is pulled from above the device, the SpiderJack turns from its blocking position in the direction of the rope. This enables two-handed as well as single-handed shortening and roping up with loads, even when there is no noteworthy rope weight beneath the device to reinforce the rope as it runs through. Pure Efficiency!
  • Ergonomic release handle with rope guide.
    The ergonomically shaped release handle of the SpiderJack has a guide groove on its interior for redirecting the slack rope. Thus, there is no rope friction in the user’s hand.
  • Thumb brake for precise control of speed.
    With a bit of practice, the unique thumb brake enables precise control of the rope speed. For instance, precision landings from higher speeds become a real treat for professionals. But the thumb brake operates dependably and precisely also in “normal use”. Its brake pad is made of pock wood. This wood has unbeatable friction properties, it does not get hot and is also long-lasting.

When using the SpiderJack, the harness should be attached to the roping up eye at a low point. The lower the SpiderJack is positioned beneath the load, the longer and thus more effective is each pull with the arm!

The SpiderJack does not have a so-called ”panic safety feature”! For this reason, strict adherence to the manual is imperative, especially during the learning phase!

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