Why Choose a Flatground Trampoline?

Why Choose a Flatground Trampoline?

Why choose a flatground trampoline? We mentioned in a previous post how inground trampolines provide a cleaner look to your garden. It’s much tidier and avoids the look of the steel or aluminium frames that a regular trampoline uses to keep the jumping surface raised off the ground. Flatground trampolines are even sleeker. They’re designed to be practically invisible from certain viewing angles. Berg produces two main flatground options which come in various sizes and colours to suit your garden or outdoor space. Let’s take a look!

Why Choose a Flatground TrampolineWhy Choose a Flatground Trampoline: The Berg Champion

Berg Champion are a range of trampolines available in all configurations, including regular. But you place it in your garden in such a way that even the padding is in-line with your lawn.

This looks absolutely fantastic and offers just as much of a range of jumping options as the others. But it does come with some downsides also, which will be discussed in a moment. The Champion range comes in 11ft, 12.5ft and 14ft diameters. These can handle weight of up to 100kg, with the larger option able to handle a weight of up to 120kg. Just like with an inground setup, you must dig a hole for under the jumping surface. This hole must be deeper in the centre, where there is the most stretch. Specific guidelines for this trench are outlined in the instruction manual.

The Berg Elite Flaground range comes in the same sizes but also offers improved Airflow from the trench and the mat, which means you tend to get better jumps.

With flatground trampolines, safety must always be a priority. Berg do not recommend this range for kids under the age of 6. We strongly recommend supervision at all times. These typically do not include safety nets and the padding is flush with the lawn. So only one person must jump on the mat at a time. Collisions can cause people to fall off the mat where they are more likely to hurt themselves. Especially if there is solid ground beside the trampoline. There must also be plenty of space around the trampoline — at least two metres, to prevent someone from losing balance and on a nearby obstacle. We also strongly recommend surrounding the jumping area with something shock-absorbing such as woodchips so that if there is a fall, the impact is reduced.

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