Why Choose A BERG Trampoline?

Why Choose A BERG Trampoline?

Why Choose A BERG Trampoline?

The BERG brand is synonymous with quality and range of trampolines has that in spades. When it comes to durability, safety and finding the perfect sized and priced trampoline for your garden and budget, look no further than a BERG Trampoline. Here are 3 reasons why you should choose a BERG trampoline.

1: Durability

BERG trampolines are built to stand the test of time, BERG trampoline covers are also available to prolong your trampolines life even further. If you have ever opted for a “cheap” trampoline instead of it’s higher quality counterpart, you will realise what a false economy it can be. Sometimes only lasting for a single summer or less. BERG trampolines are anything but low quality; the frame is made out of robust steel, there is no sign of plastic supports for the safety netting as they are all supported by solid steel, the springs that attach the woven jumping mat to the frame are elastic, flexible and coated in rust resistant zinc. All of this combined means that you get a top quality product that will last for many years to come.

2: Safety

BERG takes the safety of anyone using their trampolines very seriously. Firstly all BERG trampolines come fitted with a thick and wide protective edge that covers the springs and vastly reduces the risks of anyone accidentally getting a finger stuck as the springs contract and expand with each bounce. Each trampoline also comes with a maximum safe jumper weight so that you can be certain of whether or not it is safe for you to use, this extends up to a maximum of 120kg on certain models, so adults and children alike can bounce away to their hearts content. There are also some safety conscious optional extras such as the steel supported safety nets, frame nets to stop anyone or anything from blindly going underneath the trampoline while it’s in use and anchor sets that anchor your trampoline in place while in use and in extreme weather.

3: Huge Range Of Sizes & Prices

With the huge amount of sizes, styles and pricing options available, you can rest assured that you can find a BERG trampoline that is the perfect size and price for your garden. They range anywhere from 6-14 feet in size and from €219 to €1,499 in price and are designed to fit perfectly even in smaller gardens. No matter what your garden size or budget, a BERG trampoline is the perfect fit.

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