Why BERG Trampolines are Number 1

Why BERG Trampolines are Number 1

You may be considering purchasing a trampoline for your lawn or garden in 2023 and are wondering which brand to choose. One option you should consider is BERG trampolines. Here are five reasons why BERG trampolines are a great choice:

Why BERG Trampolines?

Safety is a top priority for BERG. They designed their range (such as the Favorit) from the ground up with safety features such as a safety net that fully encloses the trampoline. The frames have thick padding, and the springs have a protective layer. These features help to prevent falls and injuries while using the trampoline.

BERG trampolines last for years. They use high-quality materials and construction techniques to ensure they can withstand years of use. The result is that you can expect your BERG trampoline to provide years of fun and enjoyment for you and your family.

Many Options

BERG trampolines offer a variety of sizes and styles to choose from. Whether you have a small backyard or a large one, you will find a BERG trampoline that will fit your space. They also offer a range of styles, including inground and regular, which come in round and rectangular configurations, so you can choose the shape that best fits your needs.

Trampolines are not always easy to assemble. BERG’s range comes with clear and detailed instructions, as well as all the necessary tools, so you can have your trampoline set up and ready to use in no time. It’s best to do this with a minimum of two people.

Assembly is Straight Forward

Assembling a BERG trampoline typically involves assembling the frame of the trampoline. This typically involves attaching the legs to the frame using bolts and nuts. Next, attach the springs to the frame using the spring clips provided. (Ensure that you evenly space the springs around the frame and tighten them properly to provide the correct amount of tension). Once the springs are in place, attach the safety net to the frame using the straps and hooks provided. Make sure the net is tightened properly and fits snugly around the trampoline. Finally, attach the padding to the frame using the Velcro strips provided. The padding should cover the frame and springs completely to provide an additional layer of safety. It is important to carefully follow the instructions provided with the trampoline and use the appropriate tools to ensure a safe and secure assembly.

BERG trampolines are backed by an excellent warranty service.

If you have any questions or concerns about your trampoline before or after purchase, we are happy to help. If anything goes wrong give us a call and we’ll help you get it rapidly resolved.