Which is the Best E-Scooter?

Which is the Best E-Scooter?

With a large range, we’re often asked which is the best e-scooter. This depends on what you plan to use it for. Is it for a child to play around the drive? Is it for yourself so you can commute to work? Rather than having a broad range of different brands, we typically find the highest quality brand with the highest reliability. When our customers rarely return a product, we know it’s good. If a product receives negative feedback, we drop it from our range. This process led us to choose Ninebot as our primary brand for e-scooters.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Ninebot

Ninebot is the company behind the Segway. While the original Segway was a funny-looking contraption that made the rider look like they were giving a mobile toastmasters speech, the gyroscope technology was truly innovative. That technology was the mother of hoverboards and e-scooters. The original Segway company founded Ninebot to focus on E-Scooters and other modern electric personal transportation. Their designs in the E-scooter range are truly exceptional, with high-quality components, including rock-solid batteries.

Which is the Best E-Scooter?

Ninebot has a terrific range for most use cases. From kids nipping about the yard to office-goers who have decided three hundred consecutively late 8 am buses were three hundred too many.

The Best E-Scooters for Kids

Ninebot’s Zing range provides great options for kids of all ages. Their first children’s e-scooter was the Zing C8. With a maximum speed of 10kmph and suitable for 6-12 year olds. Next is the Zing A6, a nifty electric scooter built for the youngest of riders. It only weighs 4.6kg so it’s manageable for younger users. Despite its size, it has a maximum range of 5km on a charge (probably about 100+ journeys around the yard) with a maximum speed of 8kmph, 10kmph and 12 kmph – you can place a limit depending on your child’s age so you can keep things safe.

The Best E-Scooter for Adults

Without a doubt, the best Ninebot scooter for adults is the Max G30. Ireland’s sea of cracked roads and pavements are notoriously dangerous for e-scooters. The Ninebot range uses large 10″ pneumatic tyres, so unlike many e-scooters, you can expect a much safer and smoother commute. It has a maximum speed of 25kmph and a range of up to 65 kilometres (!”), making it suitable for commuting small to medium distances.

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