What's the Difference Between All These Trampolines?

What's the Difference Between All These Trampolines?

What’s the difference between all these trampolines? There are so many trampolines available in Ireland that sometimes making a decision can feel a bit overwhelming. You might be worried that the one you choose isn’t the right match or isn’t good enough. You probably want one that will last for years rather than weeks, but it can be hard to figure out which one that is when you’re just looking at the box or a few images online. You probably don’t want to fork out money on high-end models if it doesn’t necessarily provide any additional value. To make things simple, we won’t mention the difference between inground, flat ground or regular trampolines. Instead will describe the different ranges in terms of their price range, value, size. With regards to quality, we don’t stock anything that we don’t trust. We find a brand that we use ourselves and trust, and we stick with it.

Smaller Gardens

If you have a smaller outdoor space, or perhaps you just plan to use this trampoline for your young kids, then a smaller form factor is probably best suited for your needs. For this, the Berg Talent range is excellent. This range comes in three smaller-than-average sizes, with the widest being 10 foot and the smallest being 6 foot.

Good Quality TrampolinesWhat's the Difference Between All These Trampolines?

The Berg Favorit range is great if you want a regular-sized trampoline, but you don’t need to spend extra cash on ‘nice but not essential’ features. The Favorit range has good 20mm padding that tapers out to 10mm around the further edges. This is enough for kids and amateurs who won’t be achieving great jumping heights. It has good quality springs and a durable design that will last years. It can take a lot of weight: 46 stone (290kg) in total. The Favorit range is available in four sizes: 9ft, 11ft, 12.5 and 14ft.

Higher End Trampolines

The Berg Champion range takes everything good about the Favorit range and makes it better. It has 30mm thick padding for extra safety, can take a jumping load of 64 stone (406kg). The greater strength and elasticity means larger people can achieve greater jumping heights with this model.

Professional-Level Trampolines

The Berg Elite range is for serious professionals or those who really want the best of the best. It has the same jumping load of the Champion range but has extra thick padding of 45mm, which is available with different textures to maximise safety for those who are able to achieve the great jumping heights.