What's a Safe E-Scooter for Kids?

What's a Safe E-Scooter for Kids?

When kids see their friends nipping around the neighbourhood on a brand new e-scooter, and it’s only natural that they want in on the fun. But what’s a good brand? How do you know what to choose?

What’s a Safe E-Scooter for Kids?

All ride-on toys come with risks. And e-scooters carry their own set of risks. Many e-scooters have small wheels which can come to a sudden stop if they hit the cracks and uneven surfaces on Irish roads and footpaths. This is one of the leading causes of injury. So either restrict play to smooth surfaces or insist on getting a model that can handle rougher surfaces. Safety is paramount when it comes to kids. A good rule of thumb is that the rougher the surface, the bigger you want the scooter’s wheels. Large wheels – and ideally pneumatic wheels – greatly reduce the risk of the wheels ‘catching’ in a crack on the pavement. Many of Ninebot’s designs use large wheels, and many are also pneumatic.

Who Are Ninebot?

Ninebot is a child company of Segway, the company renowned for pioneering the gyroscopic technology that enabled hoverboards. Segway’s vision for fun, safe, and eco-friendly personal transport evolved into Ninebot, a company dedicated to creating top-quality electric scooters. Ninebot’s focus on safety and reliability makes it an ideal choice for your children. The perfect e-scooter for your child depends on age, weight, and riding skills. Ninebot’s Zing range caters for all, ensuring there’s an e-scooter for every child.

Some Recommendations

For first-time riders, the Zing C8 is a popular choice among parents. It has a maximum speed of 10kmph and is suitable for kids aged 6-12 years. The Zing A6 is another good option from Ninebot. With smaller wheels, it’s best for smooth surfaces and is tailored for the youngest of riders. You can restrict its top speed to 8, 10 or 12 kmph, depending on your child’s confidence and competence. The A6 weighs just 4.6kg, making it manageable for smallies. With a maximum range of 5km per charge, it can allow for countless laps around the yard.

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