What Size Trampoline Should I Get For My Garden?

What Size Trampoline Should I Get For My Garden?

We’re sometimes asked, “What size trampoline should I get?” Before you jump head-first into ordering, take a moment to size up your garden. The right size depends on who is using the trampoline, how much space you have and to what level you plan to be using the trampoline. Let’s look more closely.

The Right Size Depends On Your Garden Space

Remember, bigger isn’t always better – it’s all about finding the right fit for you, your family, and your garden. Safety should always be your top priority. We prefer Berg and EXIT trampolines because they offer great value without compromising on safety features. They have ample padding and options with safety nets. Whatever trampoline you choose, will need plenty of space around the jumping surface. Aim for at least 1.5m of clearance around the trampoline, more if you can. And watch out for trees or fences, or other obstacles which could present a risk.

Who Will Be Using the Trampoline?

Smaller models are usually best for younger children. Toddlers absolutely love bouncing. But you need to be able to reach them if they are in trouble. For them, we recommend the Berg Hoppa Little Bouncer.

Larger sizes better cater to the needs of older kids and adults. If your family is older but new to the bouncing game, you can always start with a smaller standard trampoline and upgrade in a couple of years if everyone is still keen. More serious jumpers might prefer a differently shaped trampoline. EXIT Trampolines offers both round trampolines in various sizes, as well as the PeakPro Range, which also comes as rectangular trampolines.

What Size Trampoline Should I Get?

The Berg Trampoline range has the best sizes for most people. And the Berg Favorit hits that sweet spot between high quality and reasonable price. Here are the three trampolines we commonly recommend for most gardens:

Berg Favorit 11ft

The Berg Favorit 11ft trampoline is a fantastic choice for families with limited garden space or younger children. Its compact size makes it easy to fit into smaller areas. The 11ft size provides ample space for younger children to play comfortably under supervision, and the included safety net ensures a secure environment for your little jumpers. However, if you have older kids or adults who aim to hone your acrobatic skills, you might want to consider a larger size.

Berg Favorit 12.5 ft

Taking a step up in size, the Berg Favorit 12.5 ft is a medium-sized trampoline perfect for families with a slightly larger garden area and jumpers of mixed ages. The 12.5 ft size allows for more freedom of movement and is suitable for practising a wider range of tricks and stunts. The increased jumping area does require additional space, so ensure that your garden can accommodate this size before making your decision.

Berg Favorit 14 ft

If you have ample garden space, the Berg Favorit 14 ft trampoline may be the ultimate choice. This large trampoline provides an expansive jumping area, perfect for older children and adults.

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