Can Trampolines Be Left Out in Winter?

Can Trampolines Be Left Out in Winter?

Can trampolines be left out in winter? The quick answer is yes. The longer answer is it depends! You can leave it out in most bad weather except high winds, and it helps to know a few things to keep your trampoline in excellent condition for years to come and ensure it does not become a safety hazard; Trampolines in Ireland have a tendency to take flight if not correctly anchored!

Can Trampolines Be Left Out in Winter?

High-quality, durable trampolines such as the well-renowned EXIT and BERG trampoline range are okay to leave out year-round. Both brands build high-quality frames which are resilient to cold, damp weather. They also produce high-quality jumping mats, which maintain their strength for decades. This allows you to use your trampoline throughout the colder months – so you can have fun and exercise whenever the mood strikes you.

Things to Watch Out For

While both BERG and EXIT trampolines provide great weatherproofing, over time, there will be an increased risk of corrosion to the frame and springs as well as corrosion. You can avoid damage and increase the longevity of your trampoline by using a trampoline cover for those periods when you’re not using it. These are easy to remove and re-attach when you’re finished using it.

High Winds are High Risk

High winds are one of the most important things to watch out for as a trampoline owner. You need to take your trampoline indoors or disassemble during high winds or storms. This is because it is liable to become a safety hazard. For the rest of the year, you should safely anchor your trampoline at all times as medium, and even low winds risk taking it and flinging it high into the sky, where it risks damaging property or injuring people. Berg’s Anchor set will keep the wind from taking your trampoline, and your garden shed with it.

Ice is Not Nice

If it’s snowing or icy, it’s not safe to use the trampoline as it increases the risk of injury from slipping or falling. Though in Ireland, we rarely get enough snowfall to risk your mat if, by some oddity, we experience enough heavy snowfall in Ireland that the weight risks damaging your trampoline. Do not use a shovel to sweep snow off the mat, as this risks damaging the surface. Instead, it’s best to use a yard brush.

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