Trampolines Ireland

Trampolines Ireland

We provide the best quality Trampolines across Ireland with free shipping. We have one of the best ranges of high-quality trampolines. Built to last for years, the Berg and EXIT trampoline ranges are some of the best for value for money, as well as build quality and safety features. Here’s an overview of some of the types we offer.

Regular Trampolines Ireland

Regular trampolines are the ones that are on a raised platform above ground level. As with others in the range, they can come in various sizes and shapes. Both EXIT and Berg have great options here and the choices are down to size, build quality and features.

Flatground or Inground

Rather than use a raised platform, these trampolines are laid over a ditch you dig in the ground. These can be preferable for a number of reasons. A Berg inground or EXIT inground trampoline is less obtrusive on the garden, taking up less space visually. They’re also safer. Most trampoline injuries are from mounting and dismounting, and the raised platform is a big risk factor. For this reason, the safest trampoline you can get is a flatground with a safety net.

Options and Recommendations

For a regular trampoline, the Berg Favorit is aptly named. It’s available in four different sizes all with three different colour options. It also comes with the option of a safety net. We highly recommend you always go for a trampoline with a safety net if it’s going to be used by children. EXIT trampolines are also available with both regular and inground options. The entry-level model is the EXIT Silhouette. It comes in 5 different sizes and three colour options.

Trampoline Accessories

A few trampoline accessories can come in handy to keep your trampoline in excellent condition for years to come. A good quality trampoline cover can protect the jumping mat, keep the leaves and twigs off it and keep the sun’s UV rays from bleaching the colour over time. A set of trampoline anchors is recommended for a regular trampoline since they are liable to take off in high winds! A frame net can also be an important safety feature. The frame net keeps kids and animals from going under the jumping mat which is very important as going under there while someone is jumping puts them at risk of serious injury.

If you have any questions about our range of products, you can always give us a call on 021 4965132