Trampolines Ireland

Trampolines Ireland

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide the best quality trampolines Ireland has to offer. With a range that includes the best of both Berg and EXIT. You can check our our full range available to order online today at trampolines Ireland.

Trampolines Ireland: Safety First

Just like our in-ground options, Berg and EXIT trampolines come with safety features that are second to none. Safety nets may be an optional add-on for many models, but they are an essential layer of protection – especially if you have kids. In addition to a safety net, we recommend considering a flatground or inground trampoline. These remove the risks and hazards of mounting and dismounting since they are at ground level. Combined with a net, this can drastically reduce the risk of injuries. The Berg Favorit inground model is a hit among families, thanks to its generous padding and sturdy materials. With EXIT’s Elegant flatground trampoline, the ground-level design minimises the risk of falls, making it a safe bet for all ages. The downside of a flatground or inground is that you do need to dig a trench beneath the jumping surface which means you need to carefully consider where you’re placing it and ensure it’s somewhere it can remain long-term.

Berg AirFlow for Inground Trampolines

A common issue with in-ground trampolines is air resistance, which can dampen the bounce. Berg trampolines use what they call ‘AirFlow’ for jumping surfaces reducing air resistance by up to 50%, so you get more bounce for your effort. EXIT’s Elegant flatground trampoline also addresses this with its unique ventilation system. This ensures the mat retains its elasticity, giving you a consistent and enjoyable bounce every time.

Build Quality and Some Tips

One of the standout features of Berg and EXIT trampolines are their ability to withstand the Irish winter. Made with high-quality frames and jumping mats, these trampolines are built to last. So, you can keep the fun going all year round, come rain or shine. If you’re keen on tricks and flips, Berg’s Inground Elite is the one for you. It offers extra padding to cushion your landings, making it ideal for the more adventurous. For families, the Berg ‘Favorit’ inground is a popular choice. Available in multiple sizes, it fits perfectly into any garden.

If you have any questions about our range of trampolines, give us a call any time on 021 4965 132