Trampolines For Sale (Inground)

Trampolines For Sale (Inground)

For years BERG has been creating quality trampolines. Inground trampolines are one of these types of trampolines. Inground trampolines are not put together above ground like regular trampolines whereas these lie flush with the ground of your garden. When they are placed down into the ground the trampoline is barely noticeable. They have a tidy appearance as they are nicely concealed. These are durable and high quality ensuring years of trampolining fun for all kids. All inground trampolines come in different styles, shapes and sizes and you can get them with a safety net or without one. Here are all of our BERG Inground trampolines;-

Berg Inground Talent Trampoline

The Berg Inground Talent is ideal for all fun lovers. It is of high quality and has a 20-cm step. This trampoline is very safe for all children. There are pegs ensuring that it is secured firmly in the ground. It is available in diameters of 180cm/6ft, 240cm/8ft and 300cm/10ft. It is round in shape, the diameter is 300cm and height is 20cm. 6ft,8ft and 10ft sizes available.

Berg Inground Favorit Trampoline

The Berg Inground Favorit is a great trampoline for the home. It is super safe and is low to the ground. The safety net on this trampoline prevents users from landing next to the trampoline. This trampoline is round in shape. Its diameter is 270cm and the height is 20cm. 9ft,11ft,12.5 and 14ft sizes available.

Berg Inground Champion Trampoline

The Berg Inground Champion is great for your garden. This super safe trampoline is low to the ground and the safety net prevents you from landing next to the trampoline. This trampoline is round in shape. The diameterTrampolines For Sale (Inground) of the trampoline is 430 cm and height is 20cm. 9ft,11ft,12.5 and 14ft sizes available.

Berg Inground Elite+ Trampoline

The Berg Inground Elite+ is a top quality trampoline with fantastic jumping comfort. It is extremely safe and the nicely designed safety net compliments the trampoline beautifully. It is round in shape, its diameter is 430 cm and height is 27cm. The Elite + comes in green, red & grey. Different sizes are 11ft, 12.5ft or 14ft.

Berg Inground Grand Champion Trampoline

The BERG Inground Grand Champion gives you plenty of super jumping space to have hours of fun. This trampoline is extremely safe due to its low positioning and the safety net. This trampoline is oval in shape, has a diameter of 515×380 cm and is 27 cm in height. Only one size available.

Berg Inground Eazyfit Trampoline

The Berg Inground Eazyfit has an extra thick (30mm) and wide (400mm) protective edge. It is available in green or grey. This trampoline is covered with weatherproof PVC. It has TwinSpring Gold springs which guarantee great jumping comfort. This trampoline is available with the safety net deluxe or without any safety net. It is rectangular in shape with a diameter of 220×330 cm and a height of 20cm.

Berg Flatground Champion Trampoline

The BERG FlatGround Champion has a unique airflow jumping mat which lets 50% more air through for an even better bounce. It has special noise-reducing straps underneath the protective edge so the air underneath the trampoline can escape. The trampolines protective edge is covered with durable PVC. It is available with a green or a grey protective edge. The Flatground champion has a diameter of 430cm.

Berg Flatground Elite+ Trampoline

The Berg Flatground Elite+ fits perfectly into your home garden. Its frame is fully sunk into the ground and it comes in either the colour green or grey. This trampoline has a sturdy frame that is very easy to assemble and install. It has a unique BERG airflow jumping mat which has 50% more airflow. Its Twin Spring Gold springs are extra long due to the diagonal positioning and ensure a more even distribution of force giving you that extra bounce. It has a diameter of 330cm.

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