Trampolines for Sale in Dublin

Trampolines for Sale in Dublin

Looking for trampolines for sale in Dublin? Look no further. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide a full range of trampolines, with top-notch products from leading manufacturers Berg and EXIT. We’ve spoken before about ordering trampolines Dublin. This post’ll dive into what makes the brands tick, the different types of trampolines available, and why you should consider them.

Berg vs EXIT: Which is Better?

If you’re in the market for a trampoline, you might find yourself eyeing Berg and EXIT. In either case, you’re on the right track. Both brands bring something great to the table. Berg has a long-standing reputation for its robust frames and versatile sizes. Conversely, EXIT offers a slightly more affordable option without compromising quality. Both have excellent safety features, thick padding, and optional extras like safety nets and ladders.

Berg’s Favorit vs EXIT’s Silhouette

Both brands offer exceptional entry-level trampolines. Consider Berg’s Favorit range and EXIT’s Silhouette models. The Favorit series from Berg is built to last with high-grade materials and offers some of the best bounce experiences out there. EXIT’s Silhouette, although significantly cheaper, doesn’t skimp on quality. Both series offer safety nets as optional add-ons. But remember, no matter which brand you pick, proper care is key to ensuring your trampoline lasts for years.

Trampolines for Sale in Dublin

Our range of trampolines are available to order online with fast shipping to your door. These include all the major types of trampolines, such as:

Regular Trampolines

A regular trampoline is the first thing you’ll think of when you imagine a trampoline. These are well-suited for the majority of users, they sit on raised metal platforms and are easy to set up and a lot of fun.

Inground and Flatground Models

If you’re seeking something more streamlined, less obtrusive to your garden’s clean lines, you might consider inground or flatground options. These designs are flush with the ground, making it easy to step on and off the mat (one of the major causes of injury on a trampoline is caused while mounting and dismounting from the raised surface). The trade-off is the bit of extra work needed to dig a hole for the trampoline. This also means you must be certain about where you place it; you mightn’t fancy moving it and filling in the hole afterwards.

Delivery and Customer Care

We offer free shipping on all trampolines to anywhere in Dublin or, indeed, all of Ireland. If you have any questions about a product or have queries about delivery, give us a shout on 021 496 5132.