Trampolines for Sale in 2024

Trampolines for Sale in 2024

At Douglas, Forest and Garden, we’ve got our 2024 range of trampolines for sale. We’ve carefully researched our offering of trampolines to ensure they are of the highest quality and built to stand the test of time. We also provide free shipping across Ireland for all trampolines.

Trampolines for Sale in 2024

When you’re picking a trampoline, the major priorities are safety, durability, and fun. Our 2024 models all boast excellent padding, strong frames, and reliable springs. Safety nets are optional and only available on some models. But they are essential if your trampoline will be used by children.

Berg and EXIT: Durability and Features

Berg and EXIT are our two brands of choice when it comes to trampolines. These are absolutely top-notch brands with great reputations for good reason. They all have the best quality materials which are able to tolerate our Irish weather. They also have great jumping mats with plenty of bouncability, and good colours and designs that look good in the garden. There’s a range of options to choose from depending on your needs. Generally, a larger trampoline like the Berg Elite provides a great jumping surface and more bounce. Berg’s AirFlow jumping mats ensure 50% more airflow for higher, smoother jumps. This is especially useful if you have an inground trampolines, which is more vulnerable to air resistance. These are best suited for adults and serious jumpers who wants to get in some serious stunts.

Safety First

When it comes to kids, safety comes first. That means going for the extra-thick padding and safety net. If you want a trampoline for sale, EXIT’s ‘Elegant’ range, features the Elegant Economy and the Elegant Premium, which are both equipped with safety nets. The Premium version excels with a superior net, supported by fibreglass rings for optimal shape and tension across the jumping surface.

Flatground and Inground Options

Flatground and Inground options provide both more safety, as well as a more integrated appearance in your garden. These blend seamlessly into your garden, maintaining aesthetics while minimizing injury risks from mounting and dismounting. As with other trampolines a safety net is highly recommended and essential if used by kids.

If you have any questions about our range of products, you can always give us a call on 021 4965132