Trampolines for Sale

Trampolines for Sale

We have a number of trampolines for sale both in Cork and nationwide. We offer top-of-the-line trampolines from EXIT and Berg, which are sure to add a couple of metres of jumping height to your outdoor experience! Whether you’re looking for a standard trampoline or an inground option, we’ve got an option that’ll suit your space.

Get Serious About Fun

A trampoline isn’t just great fun; it’s an investment in fitness and family time. Bouncing around is an enjoyable way to engage in low-impact aerobic exercise. And while trampolines are a hit among kids and adults alike, extra precautions must be taken when children are using it. Not all trampolines are created equal in this regard. The brands we stock, EXIT and Berg, offer quality padding and safety features that set them apart from the others. Their models with safety nets are an absolute must when children are using a trampoline.

EXIT Trampolines for Sale

The EXIT PeakPro remains one of the top picks among our customers. It comes in three different sizes to suit a variety of garden spaces. This trampoline offers a sleek design with a galvanised black coating that keeps it protected from the elements for years. For those interested, we currently have a 21% discount on the 10 ft model. Don’t miss the safety net feature with a jump measuring scale so your smallies can track their air-time.

For those who favour a more elongated bounce, our rectangular PeakPro model is also on sale. This particular design allows for a spacious jumping surface, ideal for those looking to practise their bouncing acrobatics.

The Berg Range

For those who lean towards the Berg brand and are looking for a mid-range, high quality offering, the Berg Champion range is the go-to option which is now on sale with 2% Off. Available in 9ft, 11ft, 12.5ft, and 14ft sizes, these round trampolines come with a deluxe safety net. What sets the Champion range apart is its extra padding, extra lifespan thanks to its PVC protection, and AirFlow jumping mat, allowing 50% more airflow for that extra lift in your jumps.

Inground Options for Garden Lovers

One of the perks of investing in an inground (or flatground) trampoline is its minimal impact on the looks of your garden space. Unlike regular models that take up more visual space, inground keeps a low profile on your lawn. The downside is that you do need to dig a trench beneath the jumping surface, so be sure you’re happy to leave your trampoline in place for the long haul!

Should you need further information or have questions about our trampolines on sale, don’t hesitate to call us on 021 496 5132