Trampolines Dublin: The Best Brands Delivered to Your Door

Trampolines Dublin: The Best Brands Delivered to Your Door

Get the best quality trampolines Dublin has to offer. As one of Ireland’s best trampoline suppliers, we provide fast shipping to your door for Berg and EXIT trampolines. We provide the whole range, from small jumping surfaces to competition standards. Here’s a quick rundown of our brands and offerings.

Berg and EXIT

Two of the best brands for trampolines are Berg and EXIT. Both offer high-quality materials, ample padding for safety, and durable springs and frames that will last for years when properly cared for. Both brands provide roughly comparable levels of quality and similar dimensions, so your decision is down to your preferences. For example,Berg’s Favorit has mostly similar sizes to EXIT’s Silhouette range. EXIT comes in a little bit more affordable, but both have safety features available such as safety nets. Both brands offer accessories such as ladders for mounting regular trampolines, spare parts, and covers to protect the jumping surface when it’s not in use.

Trampolines Dublin

Whether you’re living in an urban space with a smaller yard, or you have a bit more room to work with, both Berg and EXIT have models suitable for your space. Regular trampolines are suitable for most users. These are trampolines on raised platforms. However, if you’re looking for a safer, more accessible and sleeker model, an Inground or Flatground might also work. An inground model combined with a safety net removes the most common cause of trampoline injuries – mounting and dismounting. By keeping the jumping surface at ground level, you only have to step into the surface. Combined with a safety net and ample padding, you have the safest layout possible. The downside to this model is that you must dig a trench beneath the jumping surface. This is a bit of work and also reduces the portability of the trampoline. So make sure you are certain where you’d like to place the trampoline – it will be a lot of work to change your mind afterwards!

Fast and Free Shipping

We provide free shipping nationwide to all orders over €75. For online delivery to anywhere in Dublin or Ireland, you can select the product you want to and follow through with the order steps. If you have any questions about the product or our delivery, you can always give us a ring on 021 496 5132