Trampolines Cork

Trampolines Cork

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we’ve one of the best ranges of trampolines Cork has to offer. We mostly provide Berg and EXIT trampolines as these have, by far, the best quality frames. They also have ample padding to minimise the risk of injury. Most have an option for a safety nets, which is essential for safety. And all come with high-quality springs that will last for years.

Trampolines Cork: Regular Style

Both Berg and EXIT provide regular-styled trampolines. A regular trampoline sits on a frame raised from the ground. The benefit of a regular trampoline is portability and ease of use. You can place it anywhere, easily move it, or take it down during the winter months if you’d prefer. The disadvantage is that it takes up much more ‘visual real estate’ in your garden. Another disadvantage is that most injuries happen while mounting and dismounting from a raised frame; Removing this risk can be a big deal! Regular trampolines come in different models, such as the all-time popular Favorit. There’s also the rectangular ‘Ultim Champion‘ , a very popular model which comes in various sizes including a 16.5ft x 10ft option.

Inground Trampolines

Inground trampolines take a bit more prep work. You must first dig a trench upon which the mat will sit. The benefit of this is that there’s no mounting or dismounting; it’s a walk-on, walk-off situation! This, coupled with a safety net, is the best way to reduce the risk of injuries. However, because you must dig a trench, you don’t get to move this around to the sunny side of the garden. And if you decide to disassemble the frame during the winter months, you’ll need to devise an inventive way to conceal the trench.


Flatground trampolines are an even sleeker version of inground trampolines. As with the other models, these come in various sizes and colours. Though keep in mind that the bigger the trampoline, the larger and deeper you’ll need to dig the hole! These also come in Professional dimensions, such as the Berg Flatground Ultim Elite.

If you have any questions about our range of trampolines, you’d like to arrange a collection or delivery, or anything else, you can always give us a call on 021 4965132