Trampoline with a Safety Net

Trampoline with a Safety Net

Looking for a trampoline with a safety net? At Douglas Forest and Garden, we provide the best products available on the market. We only sell products that we’re confident we can stand by. That’s why we only stock EXIT and Berg trampolines. These are the best products on the market, with plenty of options to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a regular configuration, a flatground or inground trampoline, we have everything you need. Here are some of the best trampolines which include safety net options.

The Berg Grand Favorit Trampoline with Safety Net

The Grand Favorit comes in at 17ft x 11.5ft and includes a safety net. Despite its size and quality, it has a very reasonable price of €799. This system uses protective edges and a rustproof frame to keep it in good functioning order all year round. Rather than being round, the Berg Grand Favorit is ovular, which gives you the strength of a round trampoline while allowing a great bouncing surface across its diameter. It uses Berg’s “Goldspring Solo” springs which are gold coated to provide year-round protection against the elements, while also providing extreme bounce and durability. It has a thick PVC protective edge around the perimeter to increase safety, and it’s easy to unpack and assemble. This model comes with free delivery in Ireland.

The EXIT PeakPro

The EXIT PeakPro Rectangular is 15ft x 9ft in size. Circular shaped trampolines can somehow appear incongruous in some gardens. With its rectangular shape, this PeakPro is better suited for some gardens where it can be tucked away into a corner. This trampoline is best suited for kids who are already experienced with trampolines as it can allow for very high jumps. The spacious surface area of the trampolines allows for some real acrobatics, which is why the safety net is so important. On the net is a jump measuring scale so your kids can measure their performance and compete with their friends.
This is a sturdy trampoline which won’t fail you easily. Its legs and top rail have an extra-thick 76mm diameter so it can handle a serious beating — as well as our Irish weather. It comes with free delivery when you order online (though please be aware that we have a backlog due to high demand. Contact us directly if it’s currently unavailable.

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