Trampoline for Sale

Trampoline for Sale

At Douglas, Forest and Garden, we’ve had many a trampoline for sale over the years. It is an investment, so getting one that’ll last you years is important. It’s also a fantastic way for you and your kids to get some exercise while having a laugh. We have a great selection of Berg and EXIT trampolines (with free shipping across Ireland). You can view our full range of trampolines for sale.

Choosing a Trampoline for Sale

All our trampolines have good padding, sturdy frames, and reliable springs. But not all options have a safety net. You should opt for a model with a safety net if your trampoline – especially if it is to be used by children.

We have different sizes for all different circumstances, but here are two picks. The BERG Elite provides top quality with a robust frame and excellent safety features. Whether you’re a serious jumper or a safety-conscious parent, you’ll appreciate the extra-thick padding and optional high-quality safety net (which you should definitely opt for). Berg trampolines have a unique AirFlow jumping mat that offers 50% more airflow, resulting in higher and smoother jumps.

Specific Picks

EXIT trampolines are another excellent choice with a nice look, great quality materials and functionality. The ‘Elegant’ range is a lovely looking trampoline which comes in two versions, the Elegant Economy and the Elegant Premium, which both feature a safety net. The premium version has a higher quality net, with fibreglass rings above and below keeping the net perfectly round and taut around the poles, which have extra-thick foam.

You might also prefer the option of a flatground or inground trampoline. These are more streamlined, keeping your garden looking cleaner and tidier, while also reducing the risk of injury from mounting and dismounting (the greatest cause of injury!).

A Better Full-body Workout?

Trampolining is a better, more effective exercise than running or jogging. NASA conducted a study showing that rebounding exercise (the fancy term for jumping on a trampoline) is more efficient than jogging. It strengthens your legs, improves balance, and boosts cardiovascular health. Without any of the impact injuries associated with running. It’s also great craic – it feels less like work and more like fun.

If you’ve any questions about our range of products, you can always give us a call on 021-4965132.