2 Toys for Outside This Winter

2 Toys for Outside This Winter

If you’re considering buying toys for outside this winter, we have a few ideas for you and your kids. While our neighbours in the US, Britain and the European Continent frequently have to set themselves up for a few inches of snow around this time of year, in Ireland we generally get away with a milder winter period. This year, however, meteorologists predict that we may have a record cold spell this November and December — colder than the “Big Freeze” of 2010, and it could even be the coldest winter on record. The weather we can expect for the rest of 2019 may just be enough to make Teresa Mannion woozy. When the snow falls kids typically have enjoyment enough with the sheer novelty. But for all the time in between, here are two classic toys for outdoors that all kids will enjoy. (Though it might be best to build a bunker and stock up on beans while you’re at it).

1. A Playhouse

Provided we don’t have a hurricane warning, your kids will have plenty of fun with a playhouse for most days of the year. Getting your kids outdoors in the wetter periods of the year isn’t always possible, but with the right setup, some warm clothes (and a good floor mat) a playhouse can act as a ‘halfway house’ between the indoors and outdoors. And it’s a chance for your kids to stretch out their imagination — as well as stretch their legs!

2. Sports Toys For Outsidetoys for outside

So if the weather forecast is right this time (to be fair, they are getting better each year!), then there may be a spell this November/December when basketball and soccer are off the cards. But once Ireland returns to its nice, typical, mild damp winter, kids can get back to sports. The great thing about an outdoor basketball net or football goal is that they’re going to last a while. We provide high quality models by EXIT, who are the leading provider of outdoor sports equipment for people of all ages. No space/time to put up the goal or net? Just buy a basketball and let the kids have at it themselves.

We have a full range of toys for outside, and if you have any further questions feel free to contact us on 021 496 5132