3 EXIT Toys For Outdoors

3 EXIT Toys For Outdoors

When the fair Irish summer weather kicks in, we really must try to enjoy it while it lasts. The more we can do to keep kids having fun and getting outdoors the better. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we stock some of the best quality garden toys in Ireland. EXIT is one of our go-to manufacturers for outdoor sports and leisure equipment. Here are four of their popular toys for outdoors.

1. The EXIT Spinner SeeSaw

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Kids these days aren’t always as easily amused as we were. The EXIT Spinner SeeSaw tackles boredom on both the X and Y axis. Up and down is for us old fogies. The future is up, down and sideways! Kids from ages 3+ love the Spinner Seesaw. It has a solid steel frame with a tripod design that can be anchored for stability while still easily moved if you need to shift things around to cut the grass.

2. The EXIT Galaxy Basketball Backboard with Hoop and Net

Basketball is a great, healthy activity for kids and adults alike. It increases stamina, reaction times and encourages whole-body movement and jumping — which promotes strong muscles, bone density and lymphatic drainage. Most importantly it’s a whole lot of fun. Every net needs a ball, and EXIT provides a great indoor/outdoor basketball which is competition size and has a good grip.

3. The EXIT AquaFlow Water Track

This AquaFlow Water Track is one of the most fun and educational toys for outdoors. Younger kids are endlessly fascinated by water and they love this toy. It uses a series of water gutters and bins to help children explore and have fun with water and physics.

Your kids will be able to sail their bath toys through the water chute. You can adjust how much water flows through the track. It uses a bin at the end of the track to collect and re-use the water and it’s very easy to clean. We hope this gives you some ideas, but if you have any questions or would like to see our full range, please stop by or call today on 021-4965132.