Themed Karts for Kids

Themed Karts for Kids

Themed karts for kids are growing in popularity. With so many types of ride-on toys available on the market today, you’d think that go-karts would have gone the way of the dinosaur. But their popularity has never waned for the same reason they didn’t when we were kids: they’re a whole lot of fun! (and you get to pretend you’re driving a real car when you’re on one!). We typically associate karts with older children, but what about smallies? The BERG Buzzy range is suited for 2-5-year-olds, and in addition to being robust enough to pass down from one kid to the next, they’re also colourful, fun and great for getting kids moving. So let’s a look at the options.

Themed Karts for Kids: A Themed Buzzy

Kids love to pretend, and the more we can give them the space to use their imagination and creativity, even during active play, the better. One fun way to encourage that is with a themed go-kart. Buzzy comes with three popular themed karts.

The Buzzy John Deere, for kids who love to play with tractors

This Buzzy comes with a cool large bonnet and grill, just like a real John Deere tractor. With an adjustable seat and saddle, and light ball bearings giving light pedalling, your child will have great control while steering and braking and tyres that look just like the real thing.

The Buzzy Jeep Sahara is for kids who love to pretend they’re on a desert adventure.

With a Jeep-style front grill, a cool gunmetal green colour like the Army Jeeps, and off-road tyres, your smallies can zip around in all kinds of terrain – including puddles, without fear! Peddling is easy to learn with a go-kart because pushing on the pedals doesn’t interrupt your child’s centre of gravity. So it’s a great way to start.

Themed Karts for Kids: The Berg Buzzy Jeep Rubicon, for your off-roading sprogs.

Another great option under the ‘Jeep’ category is the Buzzy Jeep Rubicon. This has a great colour scheme, big off-road tyres and a steering wheel with a spinner knob (to get this in those hand-brakers!), and silent EVA ‘Whisper’ tyres, so there’s no big noise when your kid is moving around. The tyres won’t ever puncture; this is a great, colourful option that many smallies will absolutely love.

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