The Importance Of Trampoline Covers

The Importance Of Trampoline Covers

BERG trampolines are created with the highest safety and quality standards incorporated into them. Trampolines are great quality and immaculately clean in the beginning but tend to get dirty and begin showing their age when left outside over a long period of time. Protection with a cover is the only and still the best way to mind your trampoline. The majority of trampolines nowadays are made of weather resistant materials however bad weather will still have negative effects on a trampoline and its parts. It is not worth taking a risk leaving it unprotected.

The bouncing effect in trampolines happens in short by a piece of cloth and some springs attached to the frame with tension so extreme, that the weight and energy of the bouncer cause the bounce to happen. So if the cloth or springs become damaged ultimately the bouncing effect won’t be good and ultimately when damaged could tear or snap and fail mid-bounce.

Choosing to protect your trampoline with a cover for the different types of weather is certainly an investment worth making. There are many reasons why you should own a trampoline cover. Rain, hail, snow, leaves, dirt, sun, and all other weather conditions impact how good your trampoline looks and performs. Here are some of the reasons why investing in a trampoline covers is worth it;-


  • They eliminate rusty springs, faded padding, wet surface, stuck on dirt and leaves that come with owning a trampoline in the changing of weather conditions.
  • Detritus landing/settling on the trampoline’s surface.
  • Prevent the jumping mat and pads becoming wet i.e ensuring safe jumping.
  • Animals from scratching/damaging different materials.
  • Wear and tear issues when the trampoline is not in use for periods of time.
  • They extend the lifespan of trampoline parts and prevent unwanted spending on replacement parts in the future.
  • Trampoline covers keep the jumping surface and the protective edges clean so quality will remain guaranteed.

Trampoline weather covers are a highly effective product to ensure customers get the greatest possible lifespan out of their trampoline and all its parts e.g mat, pads, frame and springs. Here at Douglas Forest and Garden, we sell a great range of trampoline covers for different models and sizes:-

Berg Trampoline Cover Basic – 6ft, 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, 11ft, 12.5ft, 14ft sizes available

The Importance Of Trampoline Covers - basic cover

Berg Trampoline Cover Extra – 9ft, 11ft, 12.5ft, 14ft sizes available

The Importance Of Trampoline Covers - extra cover

Berg Trampoline Cover Extra Grand Champion – 515 x 380 size available

The Importance Of Trampoline Covers - grand champion

Berg Trampoline Cover Extra Eazyfit – 220 x 330 size available

The Importance Of Trampoline Covers - eazyfit

Buying a new trampoline is only worth it when it performs consistently at a high level over a long period of time. Trampolines are seen to suffer damages some severe and some very small. Small issues may not seem big, serious or something worth worrying about, but this can have catastrophic effects in near or distant future like the tearing up of the padding, causing failure to some of the parts or even worse an injured child. Protecting your family and yourself from avoidable trampoline accidents is really as easy as buying a trampoline cover. With a trampoline cover not only does your trampoline get its worth and quality but you have also ensured your peace of mind when it is used.

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