The Best of EXIT Trampolines

The Best of EXIT Trampolines

We’ve been big fans of BERG for years. When we find good quality products we stick with them. That’s why we also recommend EXIT trampolines. EXIT bring a lot of options to the table that offer a good match to what BERG provides. They have ample padding and materials, a great jumping surface, high-quality frames, plenty of options for dimensions and layouts and very competitive prices. Most models also come with black skirting that helps prevent any accidental foot contact with the springs.

Getting Bounce for Your Buck

The durability and springiness of your trampoline will all hinge on the quality of its frame, jumping mat and springs. The combination of these produce the kinetic energy that propels you skyward. Everything relies on the frame’s strength. If the frame has too much flex, you will lose a lot of that kinetic energy. EXIT’s frames are sturdy, and built in a way that reinforces the jumping mat as it expands.

It’s Hip to Be Square

The Peakpro is EXIT’s premium trampoline. It comes as A large rectangular trampoline that measures 4.6 metres in length and 2.75 metres in width or a circular 3.9 metre diameter model. It also comes with a safety net as standard and features an all-black frame and very nice design with a reflective rim around the edges. There’s also a little trampoline ladder for safe mounting and dismounting. This model is perfect for children who already have experience and a good handle on safe trampolining.

A more economical option from EXIT is the Elegant Premium, the next-largest rectangular trampoline. Measuring 4.2m x 2.4 metres, the Elegant Premium is a bit more compact and also includes a safety net.

The Best of EXIT Trampolines: Round Trampolines

The PeakPro range also has circular models. Available in sizes of 3.6 metres and 4.2 metres, these round models feature the same black matte frame and net as the rectangular PeakPro. As with the rectangular model, the circular’s safety has a built-in jump measuring scale, turning every jump into a friendly competition.

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