The Best E Scooter to Gift?

The Best E Scooter to Gift?

What is the best E Scooter to gift on Christmas? E-scooters don’t come cheap, so finding one at a reasonable price and high quality is important. So which escooter is best as a present? This depends on who the recipient of this generous gift is! If it’s your child, there are a few on the market suitable for kids and young people. If it’s a partner, an adult family member, or a friend, then there’s another choice for you, too. Let’s take a look at some choice e scooters.

The Best E Scooter to Gift Kids?

When you’re getting a kid’s escooter, you don’t want to fork out on something that you know could end up being a temporary phase. However, until recently, there wasn’t much choice, and if you wanted to give your kid the gift of an e-scooter, you would have to expect to pay at least €300. Thankfully the exceptional Ninebot company provides the Zing range. The Zing range starts with the Zing A6. Designed specifically for kids and coming in at €139, it’s a great option. While keeping a reasonable price, it does not skimp on quality. The A6 is designed to steer easily with a low centre of gravity. With a skidproof footboard and well-gripped wheels for increased safety. It also has cool ambient lights on the front wheel and sides of the footboard. It has a maximum driving range of 5 kilometres and a maximum speed of 12km.

The Best Choice for Adults?

The best value for performance on the market is arguably the Ninebot Kickscooter F25. This robust and reliable scooter looks great and is built for safety. One of the major issues with any scooter is small rubber wheels. On Irish roads and footpaths, solid rubber wheels risk catching and throwing the rider over the handlebars. The F25 solves this with large pneumatic tyres. These are 10-inch tyres with an inner tube which won’t get caught in cracks in the road. Pneumatic tyres also reduce vibrations making for a much more comfortable ride as you zip about. The F25 has a maximum range of up to 25km and a maximum speed of up to 25kmph.

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