The Advantage of Going Inground

The Advantage of Going Inground

The advantage of going inground may outweigh the hassles involved in the installation. If you care about the aesthetic of your garden or yard, then a trampoline can be an ugly sight to behold, especially if you’re somewhat limited in space. But at the same time, a trampoline is a fantastic toy for kids and adults alike. It keeps you fit and active within a relatively small space. The best solution is to go with an inground trampoline. These will replace the obtrusiveness of a raised frame with a very sleek and clean look that you can hide away with good placement. An inground trampoline isn’t just nicer to look at; it’s more accessible. There’s no climbing on and off, which can cause injuries when people are dismounting. Though as with any trampoline, proper safety measures are still required to ensure safe usage by everyone. The ground is still very solid!

Going Inground to Improve Aesthetics

Installation is arguably the most challenging part of having an inground trampoline. It involves digging a deep trench to give the jumping surface space to do its thing. While also allowing for proper airflow —if air gathers within the trench, it can reduce the effects of the trampoline and cause a louder than normal sound as air escapes from small gaps. Berg’s trampolines have excellent features to improve the airflow on your trampoline so that air can move more freely, increasing the amount of bounce you get on an inground while reducing the noises that can occur.

The Berg Options

We’ve been providing trampolines across Ireland for years now, and having seen it all and given everything the testing it deserves, we’ve settled on Berg’s range. They’re just fantastic. They have everything you need. They’re sturdy, reliable, have excellent safety features and padding. They have the best spring and a tidy looking form factor. If you’re looking for the best of the bunch, that would be the Berg Inground Champion. Coming in three different sizes ranging from 11 to 14 feet, it can accommodate all ages and sizes comfortably. And if you’re looking for the best value for money, the Berg Inground Favorit is the most popular choice for most. It has everything you’d want in a trampoline and comes in a few different sizes to suit everyone’s needs.

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