Sunken Trampoline

Sunken Trampoline

A sunken trampoline is an excellent choice for anyone buying for their home. One of the biggest complaints people have about their trampoline is that it’s a bit of an eyesore. Typically perched on steel legs, it can make your garden or yard feel more cluttered than it is. A sunken trampoline gives you a tidy appearance without any of the steel or aluminium frames blocking your view. Sunken (or Flatground trampolines) also remain at ground level keeping your garden lines clean and maintaining that open space when the trampoline is not in use.

Main Advantages

As mentioned, the cleaner appearance is a huge advantage of sunken models. They’re also more accessible. One of the main causes of injury with a regular trampoline is mounting and dismounting. In the process of getting on or off the raised platform, people can twist an ankle or worse. With a sunken trampoline, since the jumping surface is at ground level, there is no risk of injury in this regard.

Main disadvantage

The main difficulty with a sunken trampoline is that you need to dig a trench beneath the jumping surface. Naturally, since this is a hole in the ground, you cannot move a sunken trampoline around like you would with a regular trampoline. Instead, you must choose your location carefully. You also have to consider when the trampoline is not in use. You may decide to leave it in situ rather than having to find creative ways of concealing the trench.

Which Sunken Trampoline to Choose?

There are a number of sunken trampolines on the market. The Berg Champion Flatground has a great model, which comes in three different sizes. The Berg Flatground Elite is also a very popular choice. Both of these models come with the AirFlow jumping mat. This reduces air resistance by about 50%, allowing for formidable jumps.

Keeping Smallies Safe

As with all trampolines, it is not recommended for kids under the age of six. For all other kids, adult supervision is recommended at all times. Some models of Inground trampolines do have netting, this is strongly recommended for kids as it reduces the risk of hard falls on the ground. The area around the trampoline can also be prepared with softer material, such as wood chippings, to help reduce impacts in the event of a fall.