What's the Right Leaf Blower for Your Needs?

What's the Right Leaf Blower for Your Needs?

Choosing the right leaf blower depends on your situation. How big is the property that you need to tidy up? Is it mainly leaves you’re planning on cleaning up, or is there heavier debris such as mulch that needs to be cleaned? What is the situation with noise levels? Do you have neighbours nearby, and is a louder machine an issue? If you’re working near a commercial outlet, excess noise during opening hours may be unwanted. Would you use any specific features for the leaf blower aside from, well, blowing leaves?

The Right Leaf Blowers for the lighter debris

In a typical home setting

The BG 56 D can be ideal in most domestic settings. The BG 56 CE and 56 D are very similar in terms of their engine strength and output, and both work well wherever you’re just tidying dry leaves and grass clippings that are found around your garden, yard. deck, etc. In addition to having a great engine, it has an easy-start system.

For larger homes and properties

When you have a larger area to clean lighter debris, then it’s probably just a matter of upgrading to the BG 86. This has greater power but the same easy start system.

For sustained use

When you’re working all day long as a professional, carrying a regular leaf blower’s weight on your arms and shoulders can be fatiguing and cause repetitive strain injuries. The best way to prevent this is with Stihl’s backpack blowers. Some great options are the BR 200 or BR 430. These allow for extended run times with their larger fuel capacity. With vibration reduction and most of the weight moved from your arm to your pelvis, you’ll be able to work comfortably without any issues.

The Right Leaf Blower for Heavier Debris in a Professional Setting

For very large areas with debris that goes beyond dry leaves and grass clippings and into wet leaves, mulch and other heavier stuff that just won’t lift, then the BR 800 C-E may be the right tool for the job. This makes light work of heavy debris, whether it’s summer or winter.

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