Ride-on Toys That Rock

Ride-on Toys That Rock

Some things never go out of style, and that includes ride-on toys. Here are a few that every kid loves (and many of us dreamt of having when we were small).

The Xootz BMW 4 Series

A fun electric kids car is the Xootz BMW 4 series. BMW officially licensed the car, and it has some very cool (and realistic!) features that match the real 4 Series. The rechargeable battery can run along quite happily for up to two hours. It has a maximum speed of three-and-a-half kilometres per hour. This is enough speed to keep it fun but not so fast that you’re on your toes the whole time watching them!

Ride-on Toys That Rock: Go-Karts

Another great option that works for kids as young as two and goes all the way up to the teens is the classic (and not-so-classic) Go-Kart. For the youngest, the Buzzy Go Kart range works wonders. Kids from ages 2-5 will have great fun whizzing around on these gadgets. They grow with your child, with pedals that can be tucked away until your child is old enough to evolve from scooting to cycling. The Berg Buzzy Nitro is a 2-in-1 option that gives you the added option of adding a handle to use it as a push car. Let’s face it, there’s gonna be times when you want to balance fun with keeping the madness under control!

Balance Bikes

Berg’s Balance Bikes are the new way to help your child transition from scooting to cycling on a real bike. In the past a child used stabilisers, but the thinking today is that a child learns to balance much much faster if they are always in control of their balance. The balance bike does a wonderful job of keeping kids in control while being safe and easy to control even in the earlier learning stages.


E-scooters are still the newest thing (for now) and kids love them. They’re likely to stick around for quite some time, even if the craze may ebb and flow. Ninebot are a pre-eminent producer that build scooters for kids and adults alike. Their entry-level model is the Ninebot eKickScooter Zing A6. This is a kids e-scooter that is lightweight and easy to get started. Designed from the ground-up with kids in mind, it’s a great balance between quality and durability, and longevity – but without breaking the bank.

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