Regular Trampolines on Sale

Regular Trampolines on Sale

If you’re looking for a regular trampoline on sale, EXIT has some great models. These are top quality trampolines with all the bells and whistles you’d expect on a trampoline that is built to last. We provide both Berg and EXIT trampolines. Both of these brands are considered some of the best regular trampolines available on the market.

Why a Regular Trampoline?

The most significant advantage of a regular trampoline is that it’s not destructive to your garden or yard. With an above ground or inground trampoline, you need to dig a ditch to allow the bouncing surface to do its job. A regular trampoline is raised from the ground under its own support. This means you don’t have to dig. So when you take away your trampoline for the winter, you can revert to a nice tidy green lawn.

EXIT Regular Trampolines on Sale

One of the most popular EXIT trampolines is the PeakPro. This comes in different sizes and shapes to suit different garden spaces. The PeakPro range looks great in your garden, with a clean look and galvanised black coating. We currently have the regular round EXIT PeakPro at 10% off. Included with the PeakPro is a safety net with an overlapping flap. This net has a jump measuring scale so you can track your progress as you learn to get more air time.

We also provide the rectangular PeakPro, which comes with a 12% discount at the moment. The rectangular model provides a large jumping area for practising your skills. As with the circular model, it provides a jumping scale to keep track of your jump height.

Berg Champion Range

The most popular Berg regular trampoline is the Champion range. As with EXIT’s PeakPro, Berg Champion comes in a range of sizes, though in this case, they are all round models. The Champion comes in 11ft, 12.5ft and 14ft sizes with a deluxe safety net. The Champion range also has Berg’s AirFlow jumping mat, which allows 50% more airflow on the jumping surface. This means less resistance and more jump power and height for aerial stunts and acrobatics. We also provide inground and flatground trampolines for your garden space.

If you have any questions about our range of regular trampolines, you can always give us a call on 021-496 51 32