Portable Football Goals and Fixed Basketball Hoops

Portable Football Goals and Fixed Basketball Hoops

A friendly soccer game is much better when you have a decent set of portable football goals. While there are plenty of other alternatives you can use, nothing compares. Maybe you have a nice field and can mak your own ‘posts’ using a couple of piled jumpers. This does a great job of marketing the edges. But with no overhead boundary, it can be tricky to play fair. You need to keep the ball lower than usual. And since the ball can occasionally just slip over your makeshift posts , without a proper football goal you’ll have the age-old argument about whether it was in or out.

Portable Football Goals

Enter the EXIT Tempo Steel Goal. Improving your aim requires having clear targets. This is much more effective with a proper goal. The goals come in three different sizes. 1.8m x 1.2m, 2.4m x 1.6m, and 3m x 2m. This means you can find an option that can fit in just about any garden space, yard or field. The smaller options are not too cumbersome to bring out to the nearby park if it’s outside the house.

When There’s Nobody Around, There’s Always a Basketball Hoop

Sometimes there’s nobody around to play against and there’s only so long you can spend taking shots at an unmanned goal. It’s always good to be able to change things up. If you’re into basketball at all, having a hoop at home is great. It allows you to play with others but also to practice your three-pointers, dunks and other shots even when there’s nobody else around. This is where the EXIT Galaxy wall-mounted basketball backboard with dunkring comes in. These can be mounted on your outside wall. And what’s really great about this model is that it’s height adjustable. It has three different height settings. So once it’s mounted in place, you can still adjust it depending on who is playing. If it’s for a growing kid, then this can grow along with them without the need for remounting every couple of years. This makes it ideal as a trainer that won’t break the bank or break your walls.

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