Portable Basketball Backboards by EXIT

Portable Basketball Backboards by EXIT

Portable basketball backboards provide the best playing experience compared with wall-mounted nets. Let’s look at the features of these two EXIT basketball nets. EXIT makes very high-quality products which we are proud to supply here at Douglas Forest and Garden. Their outdoor toys and swimming pools are also very well built with a solid frame, so we’re comfortable standing behind their build quality.

EXIT Portable Basketball Backboards are Height Adjustable

Both are height adjustable and come in different sizes for different age groups and settings. The EXIT Comet is adjustable to six different heights, (230cm, 245cm, 260cm, 275cm, 290cm, and 305 cm). This is very simple to do, with a lever on the extension arm, the net will smoothly glide up and down to your desired height. It takes seconds and is a one-person job.EXIT portable basketball board

The base of the frame on either basketball backboard had two wheels and a counterweight. You can easily move the EXIT basketball backboard by tilting the frame slightly so that it’s supported on the wheels only. EXIT supply five sandbags for counterweights. You fill them with sand and this does a good job of keeping the frame in place when you’re playing a game.

The EXIT “Hoopy Junior” Basketball Backboard

This model is designed for younger kids. It can follow them as they grow into their teens. It has an adjustable height, catering to smaller people (165cm – 175 – 190 – 205 – 220 cm).

The EXIT Galaxy Portable Basketball Backboard

The EXIT Galaxy model has a ‘dunkable’ basketball net. Meaning that it’s solid, durable and flexible and can take a beating. It also gives a satisfying ‘spring’ when you score. These nets are suitable for all ages from juniors to seniors, though of course, the dunking feature is not going to be attainable for young kids so if you are purchasing one of these for younger children then you probably don’t need this feature.

We hope this answers some of your questions. If you’d like to find out more about our outdoor toys and equipment, please contact us today on 021-4965132.