Playhouse For Kids: View Our Full Selection

Playhouse For Kids: View Our Full Selection

A playhouse for kids is not like most other toys. While many toys come and go and there is little mass placed on them, a playhouse can become a touchpoint for fun, activities, and incredible memories that last a lifetime. View our full selection of incredible EXIT playhouses for kids.

EXIT provides three main categories of playhouse. The ‘Aksent’, the ‘Crooky’, and the ‘Loft. Each category differs mainly in its base ‘house’, with extendable integrated toys and swings available to extend their functionality.

Playhouse for Kids: The Aksent

The Aksent is described as a ‘wooden play tower’. Its base has a tall-standing house with a slide and a sandpit underneath. One of the great things about EXIT’s playhouses is that they actually look great. EXIT constructed the Aksent from cedar wood and it has a lovely Scandinavian, cartoonish finish to it so that it looks great and also fun for the kids. To add to its fun, you can purchase the versions with either a single or double swing attachment.

Kid’s Playhouse: The Crooky

EXIT made the ‘Crooky’ base to look like the kind of cartoon-Western log cabin where you would find Yosemite Sam. With an incredible cedarwood finish that makes it weatherproof, it’s going to look good and provide plenty of fun for your kids. Some of its upgradable designs include a version with a balcony.

Kid’s Playhouses: The Loft

playhouse for kids

The Loft range goes for a more ornate appearance compared with the Crooky and Askent. EXIT Built these to look like a Scandinavian home. They look great and will provide months and months of fun for your kids. The Loft series comes with different sizes for the slide for younger or older children, so it’s just a matter of finding the best style for your kids.

While kids are going to differ in terms of their interests, age and size, most will enjoy any of these options. We would recommend stopping by, checking out the options and seeing what makes the most sense for the look and feel you’re after in your garden.

If you have any questions about our kids’ playhouses or anything else, please give us a call today on 021-4965132.