Personal Transportation: The Oxboard

Personal Transportation: The Oxboard

If you’re looking for electric personal transportation, you can’t go wrong with the Oxboard range. We carry them for their hoverboards and e-scooters, which are second-to-none in terms of their build quality and features. Oxboards are built to be durable but also light enough to carry, making them ideal for those of us who want to use electric transport to get around town or to work.

Personal Transportation: Scooters

E-Scooters are becoming big in Ireland, and while we’re still waiting to find out how legal electric scooters are on Irish roads, it’s still something we can use around our own properties and in pedestrianised areas. Oxboard’s E-Kick 2 has a range of 10-12 kilometres and is smaller than the larger PRO range. This makes it good for short journeys and for younger people aged from fourteen onwards. Each Oxboard e-scooter comes with a two-year guarantee from the manufacturer, and it has been certified fully to EU standards and safety guidelines. Built-in with each model is heat protection, with fire retardant covering that is also scratch-resistant, meaning added safety doesn’t cramp your style.

The PRO2

The biggest and most important factor that differentiates the PRO2 from the E-Kick is the battery. PRO2’s battery has a total of 270Wh versus the E-kick’s 105Wh. The result is that the PRO2 can travel up to 25-30kilometres, versus 8-12 kilometres with the E-Kick. The PRO2 also has large pneumatic tyres that are 21.5cm in diameter versus the E-Kick’s 16.5cm diameter solid rubber tyres. The result is that the PRO can travel further distances, much more comfortably and safely — since larger pneumatic tyres are less prone to ‘tripping’ on concrete or on cracks. The PRO2 also has better braking, with a rear disc brake to complement the electric and manual foot brake. The E-Kick, on the other hand, has just the electric and manual foot brake. Though these should provide ample protection.

When it comes to ride-on toys and transportation, we have a full range that offers choice and quality in every popular category. We’re careful to select only the best products in our range. It’s better for our customers and it’s better for us. If you have any questions feel free to contact us today on 021 496 51 32