Outdoor Toys Ireland: Popular Products and Brands

Outdoor Toys Ireland: Popular Products and Brands

A good quality outdoor toy can keep your kids entertained and active throughout the year. We’ve spent a number of years sourcing the best quality products so that today we have one of the best-curated range of outdoor toys in Ireland; here is an overview of some of our most popular options.

Outdoor Toys Ireland: Trampolines

A high-quality trampoline in your garden can make it easier for your kids to get outdoors. Both Berg and EXIT trampolines are renowned for their durability and safety. With a vast range of sizes and shapes, these trampolines cater to every family’s needs. Both brands have thick padding to increase safety and have sturdy frames that can take years of beating with proper care. Most importantly, they’re a lot of fun – kids don’t get bored easily of a trampoline.

Berg Go-Karts

Okay, so the next best thing to MarioKart is a Berg Go-Kart. Berg’s Go-Karts come with different designs and styles to suit every child’s taste. The Berg Buddy is a popular choice for younger kids, featuring adjustable seats and a unique BFR system that allows for easy pedalling and braking. The Berg Rally is a more advanced option for older children and teens with a sporty design and air-filled tyres for a smoother ride. Regardless of the model, all Berg Go-Karts are built with safety in mind. They feature a sturdy frame, responsive steering, and a reliable braking system. So, let your kids explore their adventurous side with a Berg Go-Kart. Battery-powered Go-Karts (The E-BFR range), is another great option for kids who prefer a bit more speed.

Sports Toys

We provide a range of sports toys, including basketball hoops and football goals. These can be a big step up from a few jumpers in the green! A pop-up football goal is a portable way to bring more fun to the game. A wall-mounted basketball hoop can help them improve their shooting skills.

Balance bikes

Younger kids can learn to cycle more safely and naturally with a balance bike. By removing the pedals and the need for stabilisers, they can improve their sense of balance and coordination. Once they’re balancing well, they can transition to a pedal-powered bike. There are also other ride-on toys available in our store.

If you have any questions about our range of products, you can always give us a call on 021 4965132