Outdoor Toys for Christmas

Outdoor Toys for Christmas

Looking for outdoor toys for Christmas gifts? They’re a great choice, especially for those of us with kids who like to get outside. We always have a great range of toys to keep kids active throughout the year. We aim to provide robust, dependable items that won’t outlast your child’s enthusiasm. To achieve that, we generally stick with manufacturers we trust. Here are a few of our favourite offerings from our favourite manufacturers, with discounts for Christmas (and free shipping on many items)!

Outdoor Toys for Christmas: Electric Scooters

Nobody can deny the appeal of an E-scooter. There’s a reason grown-ups want them too! They’re handy, they’re portable, they’re fast, and they’re fun. They get you from A to B with lots of fun along the way. Of course, some of these are on the pricey side. The more expensive, generally, the larger the battery. That’s perfect for extended periods, but if you only want to use your E-scooter for having fun around the yard and near home, then you don’t really need a super-power battery. We love Segway, an innovative technology company. Their Ninebot eKickScooter Zing E8 is perfect for Christmas. It’s suitable for kids aged between 6-12, and it has a maximum range of about 10km (or about 40 minutes run time), with a maximum speed of up to 14km/h. If you’re looking for a scooter without the battery (or expense), then the Xootz Large Wheeled Kick Scooter is a cool trick scooter that kids love. It can handle a weight of up to 100kg and has a height-adjustable bar.

Basketball and Soccer!

The beauty of a basketball net is that you don’t need to have friends around to practice or just have fun outside. It’s great for young people to get out of their heads and give themselves some fresh air and time to relax while staying active. We have a great range of wall-mounted and portable basketball nets. They’re all produced by EXIT, one of the companies we really respect for the quality of their products. Their Galaxy Wall-mounted Backboard is currently on sale (though it is selling out fast).

EXIT also do really great football goals that are suitable for all ages and come in all sizes. A nice option is the EXIT Tempo which is a nice size for kids (.3 metres width, .2 metres height) and is available today at a very reasonable price.