Outdoor Play Ideas For The Family

Outdoor Play Ideas For The Family

If you’re looking for outdoor play ideas for the family, we have plenty to offer this summer. Many of our items include free shipping anywhere in Ireland. Here are just a few from our selection.


Playhouses never go out of style because children love to play pretend. EXIT’s range of Playhouses creates a perfect place for your kids to enjoy the outdoors, immerse themselves in their imagination and all the while the range provides a beautiful piece for the garden. Most children’s playhouses which come in gaudy plastics and colours. The EXIT range, however, comes in a Nordic style, with real wood and pastel colours, making it an attractive addition to any garden space.

Outdoor Play Ideas For Sports Fanatics

Whether it’s basketball or football, we have a full range of sports toys to keep the family entertained throughout the summer. Including a range of outdoor goals and nets in all sizes, and some adjustable to accommodate different age groups, there’s something for everyone. Including rebounder kits so that you can learn to improve your passing and shooting skills on your own.


What goes up must come down, and up again, and down again, and up again…! Trampolines are an endless source of entertainment, whether you’re an adult or a child, we have a range of trampolines so suit the whole family. Including a range of inground and flat ground setups so that you can keep your garden seamless while still providing a space for fun.

Hoverboardsoutdoor play ideas

Hoverboards are all the rage for kids of all ages (including adult kids). They’re portable, fun and can allow anyone to practise their balancing skills (just make sure you wear a helmet…and padding!). We appreciate Oxboard’s range for their durability and excellent battery performance, so these are well worth considering. Oxboard also provide some of the best e-scooters around.

Outdoor Play Ideas For Grown-ups: Hot Tubs

For the older outdoor play, hot tubs can’t be beaten. They’re a perfect centrepiece for a family day at home. Enjoy the sunshine and a few homemade cocktails. Bask in the warm 40c water, and let the waterjets massage your muscles. We offer some of the best hot tubs around, and what’s more, these are easily disassembled so that you only have them in your garden when you want to use them.

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