Ninebot's Escooters for Kids

Ninebot's Escooters for Kids

Ninebot’s Escooters for Kids are something special. Ninebot are a Segway company, the originator of the technology that enables hoverboards and other electric personal transport. So it’s only natural that when they began producing escooters, they quickly began to make an impact on the market. Ninebot now have a range of escooters specifically designed for kids aged between 6-12 and they are nifty.

Ninebot’s Escooters for Kids: The Zing C10

The Segway Zing C10 is small. It has a hand-operated rear wheel brake =. They’re very durable and well able to take a beating. It has a foldable design that helps you fold it up and store it easily. it’s quite easy to carry. The C10 doesn’t have too much power and has a lower centre of gravity which keeps your kids on the ground. It doesn’t have a massive range (approximately 10km) which is perfect for young people who will not be traveling large distances on their escooter and are typically always close to home. The Ninebot Zing C10 has a maximum speed of 16 kilometres per hour, with three riding modes available: Turbo Cruise and Safe mode. All three adjust maximum speed and of course. For younger children, it ‘s important that they go at a speed where they are able to maintain control. Safe mode has the lowest speed at 10kmph. This is perfect for ensure your kids can stay on the ground and learn to use the scooter safely before graduating to higher speeds. The Cruise mode enables a slightly higher speed than safe mode, which gives you more distance. And finally comes Turbo, which enables a maximum speed of 16kpmh though this sacrifices maximum distance. The C10 comes with a bell so your kids can make sure they’re keeping others safe as well as themselves when they use the scooter on shared pathways.

The Killer Features

The C10 Maintains its low cost by having a slightly smaller battery, as this is the most expensive component. The battery is as durable as the frame and built to last. Finally, the one ‘killer feature’ of the Ninebot Zing series is the very cool-looking ambient lights under the footboard which give it a futuristic look and feel and is just built to impress.

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