Never Heard Of BERG? Here's What You Need To Know

Never Heard Of BERG? Here's What You Need To Know

BERG Toys have been creating toys that encourage children to play actively for over 35 years. They do this through both their high quality go-karts and their fantastic range of trampolines. Here’s what you need to know about BERG.

Highest Quality Materials

All of BERG Toys’ trampolines, go-karts and accessories are produced using only the highest quality materials. This ensures that all of their products are built to last through years of wear and tear and keep performing at their best to keep their users having fun with their toys for longer. BERG don’t do half measures when it comes to quality, every material used in their products either meets or exceeds the legal requirements.


BERG has over 35 years experience. This wealth of experience is shown in everything BERG makes as no detail is ever forgotten. Whatever accessory for a BERG product you need, chances are they have been around long enough to recognise that need and have already created it. There are countless examples of this, for example BERG produces frame nets for their trampolines so small children can’t accidentally wander underneath and get injured while the trampoline is being used and they have a huge range of accessories for their go-karts down to pallet forks and mini pallet attachments.

Safety Is A Huge Priority

BERG put a huge emphasis on ensuring all of their go-karts and trampolines are incredibly safe, there are countless examples of this. Often, when you get a safety net for your trampoline, the support structures are made out of plastic. However, with a BERG trampoline, these supports are made out of solid steel. So when you or your child need support most, it’s there. Another example of how seriously safety is taken at BERG is in the testing of their go-karts. Firstly, they undergo strict testing at the BERG test lab, if those tests are passed they are then sent on for independent testing outside of BERG. This rigorous testing is fundamental to creating incredibly safe toys that will last for years.