Kids Go-Karting with Berg

Kids Go-Karting with Berg

You’ll get the most of kids go-karting with Berg. Berg is renowned worldwide for its incredibly well-crafted go-karts. They have been in the industry for generations (you may have owned one when you were a kid). This dutch company has been the biggest provider of go-karts for so long because of their firm adherence to high standards in construction and design. This has led to a level of reliability that allows your kid’s go-kart to grow with them, and if they do eventually outgrow it, the kart may still be passed down to the next child!

Kids Go-Karting with Berg

Berg’s kids go-karts are a great blend of imagination-inspiring design and solid, simple construction. They have mastered the art of simplicity in design, with some inventive flourishes that add colour and style just enough to allow your child to use their imagination. Berg exemplifies this in their range of themes. The Farm Range has the right colours and styles to inspire your kid to constructive play. Berg built types that represent the New Holland and John Deere tractors.

Karting for Kiddies

In addition to offering different styles, there’s also a range of karts designed from the ground up to provide everything necessary for a growing child to develop coordination, balance and strength. Kids from 2-5 year olds can enjoy their first go-karting experience in a safe and fun way thanks to the Buzzy Range. They begin their journey on the Buzzy with retractable pedals like a scooter. When they are younger, the pedals fold out of the way so your child can scoot around and learn to use the kart safely. Once they are old enough to steer and pedal, the pedals unfold so they can whizz away at speed!

Growing up with your kids

The Berg Rally range can continue where the Buzzy left off. It supports kids from four to twelve years of age. The range offers a few different colours and styles to suit your child’s personality and interests. The ever-popular Berg Jeep Adventure gives you the fun safari style and gunmetal green colour of the classic Jeep. This is a great toy for those who like the idea of an off-road adventure.

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