Kids Escooters by Ninebot

Kids Escooters by Ninebot

Kids escooters had originally been a little underwhelming. They often lacked enough battery power to last for more than a few minutes. While this was fine for younger kids who were just spinning around the drive for a little bit of time, it wasn’t as much fun for anyone looking to zip around the yard and park without having to worry about the battery.

Ninebot is a Segway company. They gained popularity for producing the first electric personal vehicles on the market. Their Escooters are second to none, with some of the best quality materials, safety features and quality tyres that make them an excellent choice for adults. However, their new line of escooters for kids are better than what has come before, with powerful motors for some great little stunts and great batteries that last longer.

Kids Escooters by Ninebot

Segway created the Ninebot Zing Series for children. Starting with the Zing A6, which comes with three gear settings that adapt to your child’s skill level and age. It can travel at 8kmph, 10kmph, or 12 kmph. And depending on usage, it can last up to five kilometres on one charge.

The Zing A6 is lightweight and easy to handle for ids. Weighing in at only 4.6 kilograms, including the battery, which is located in the footboard giving it a great centre of gravity, this is an excellent choice for smaller kids.

The footboard is slip resistant with a built-in mechanical footbrake. It also has some striking underboard lights, which give it a cool effect.

The Next Step Up

The C8 Is designed for kids aged 6-12 years of age. It’s built as a toy, not as a means of transportation, yet it still has double the range of the A6, with a total possible range of 10km depending on conditions and usage. Built for bigger kids, it’s bigger, weighing 9kg. It’s perfect for kids aged 6-12. It has all the cool features of the A6 but with more battery power and a max speed of 10kmph. This is an excellent choice for younger kids, which won’t break the bank compared to some of the other products on the market.

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