Kid's Electric Police Bike

Kid's Electric Police Bike

This Kid’s electric police bike is something else! We all wish we had this toy when we were kids! BMW designed this bike for kids aged between 3-7 years old and includes stabilisers built-in for safety and support. This makes it as safe as it is fun. Officially licensed by BMW, it has lots of realistic features just like their police motorbike design. Let’s look at this bike in more detail before we look at some comparable options.

Kid’s Electric Police Bike: FeaturesKids Electric Police Bike

Some of the really fun features of this bike include a real key-start function with realistic engine sounds. It also has functional headlights and police sirens, with blinking police lights on the front and rear and a dashboard display. The rear panniers also allow for storage (in case you need to bring a set of handcuffs, or an action figure or two in case you need backup). It has a 12-volt rechargeable battery. This allows for a top speed of 6.1 km/ph, and it’s controlled using the accelerator pedal and three gears. Given its speed and size, it’s not suitable for children under the age of three and adult supervision is required at all times.

Electric Go-Karts

If your kids are a bit older, or like something a bit different, the Berg Electric Go-Kart range might be just the thing. These come in a range of different styles to allow your kid’s imagination to run wild. For example, the Berg X-Plore comes with a cool off-road theme and is equipped with off-road tires so that it can handle rougher terrain and bumpy pathways with ease. The Berg Black Edition E-BFR looks extremely cool in jet black, with a sleek metallic orange highlight across its chassis. The E-BFR Range is suitable for kids aged 6-12 and supports a maximum weight of 100kg. As with any battery-powered kid’s vehicle, this requires adult supervision at all times. And as these karts can go quite fast, they are not for children under six years of age. Whereas the Electric Police Bike can go up too 6.1 km per hour, the E-BFR range can reach up to 16km per hour! You can also equip these Go-Karts with accessories, such as a rollbar or flashing light, a passenger seat, or a blue siren light. So even older kids can enjoy a police theme!

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