Kids E-Scooters by Ninebot

Kids E-Scooters by Ninebot

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we’ve been ahead of the posse when it came to ride-on toys such as scooters. We scoured the market, selecting the best quality scooters that are great value for money and also, very importantly, safe to use. This is doubly so when kids will be using the scooter. So it was no surprise when we came upon Ninebot’s range of kids’ e-scooters that we would favour them over a significant proportion of the competition.

Why Ninebot?

Ninebot are the creators of the segway, which essentially kicked off the electric personal transportation trend back in the early 2000s. They invented the self-balancing gyroscopes that personal transport devices such as hoverboards rely on.

Kids E-Scooters: The Zing Range

Ninebot produces some very powerful, sturdy and impressive e-scooters for adults that are designed for commuting. But they also have the Zing scooters, which are specifically for kids. The Zing A6 is designed for younger kids. It comes with three gear settings that allow it to travel at 8kmph, 10kpmh or a maximum of 12kmph. Since kids are most likely to be using their escooter for playing and not transportation, it makes sense to reduce costs using a lower capacity battery. IN this case, the Zing A6 has a 27wh battery that allows the scooter to travel up to 12km on one charge. And a charge only takes three hours to refill to capacity, so there’s plenty of charge for playing with short wait times in between activities.

The Zing C8

This Zing C8 electric scooter is designed for kids ranging from 6-12 years of age. Safety should always be a priority, and with the C8, you can throttle speed. Safe mode allows a maximum speed of up to 10kmph. This is perfect for beginners who are getting comfortable balancing. Turbo and cruise modes allow a speed of 16kmph for when they are comfortable and used to using their scooter.

Kids E-Scooters for 8-14 years

The Zing C10 is the next step up is the Zing C8. It has a substantially larger battery compared with the A6, with 54wh. giving a maximum range of up to 10 kilometres. The C10 uses a power management system to maintain optimal battery health during and between charges.

If you have any questions about our range of scooters you can always call us on 021-496 51 32